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NFO files are an alternative to going online for the library data.

Kodi will always look for the existence of an NFO file before going online to download that data, even if you have setup an online scraper.

First set content to (None) and then choose the new scraper.

Setting content to (None) also removes the contents of the selected folder from the Library altogether.

If you are only using NFO files to restore from a backup of the library, or doing something like moving from a local library to My SQL, then you will want to use the normal scraper settings and not use the NFO-only option.

For example, you can have a folder for your TV shows, and in that folder have a folder for "Star Trek" that contains the different Star Trek TV shows.In the configuration of the TVDB Addon if neither of the 2 tick boxes for DVD Order or Absolute Ordering are ticked then the order of episodes will be in Aired Order and this is the default listing order for the the TVDB addon.You can see these options on at the bottom of the page and when trying to match the order with how your files are named, you can confirm it with the page URL eg. tab=seasonall&id=71361&lid=7&order=absolute the other options in this case were DVD and aired.When you "Set Content", you can set your video content as Music Videos, Movies, or TV Shows.Scroll through the options until you get to the correct one.

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